1. Anonymous said: Just out of spontaneous curiosity, what made you decide to go back to Babs's classic color of purple? She's been traditionally black and yellow, but is their a reason you don't like those colors? Btw she's looks superb and I want her jacket.


    The purple*, the detached cowl, the ankle boots and the short cape are all influenced by the original - and most iconic - incarnation of Batgirl.

    *We’re using a much more blue-purple than this, though.



  2. My internet Friends are Real!



















    I’ll always be there for you.

    Because that’s what friends are for.

    I have to get some internet friends.

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    You are the most beautiful girl in the world”

    "You’re just saying that"

    "No! I’m madly in love with you and it’s not because of your brains or your personality"

    Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
    Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris


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  5. Andy Dwyer Presents: D.C. 101 with Professor Andrew Dwyer (x)

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    A good character is one that reaches its desired effect.

    If that effect is to draw in a deep hatred from the audience, so be it. There have been multiple times where I have hated a character so much that I’ve wanted to reach into the medium and strangle them with my own hands.

    Mission accomplished.

    thank you.

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  8. fauxcyborg:

    wish I could be more cutting, droll, and sardonic every time I see the rush to assure men that feminism helps them just as much.

    but, I’m more or less just really terrified of the men who need to know how not hurting women will help them before they stop. 

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  9. shoutout to myself for no particular reason

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    here’s what I want leaked: the names of the fucking SCUM OF THE EARTH who leak nude photos of women, the names of the human trash that share the photos after they’re leaked, and the names of the assholes who think it’s okay to rob women of their privacy for their own titillation. then I want those names DRAGGED till they’ve experienced just as much pain and humiliation as these women have to go through for doing what they want with their bodies.

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  11. Other thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

    I’ve been thinking about cultural appropriation, (along with the concept of intertextuality) and I keep wondering about some of the obscure ones we forget about:

    • Trolls are actual spiritual beings, remnants of Norse Mythical beasts, not bullies on the internet. Look at Peer Gynt. 
    • Demons having goat feet is just making a mockery of Pan and the Satyrs of greek mythology, denouncing them as Pagans and making them evil.
    • Basically anything associated with descriptions of demons.
    • Witches being ragged and poor and ugly was just a bit of propaganda created by the Enlightenment writers to denounce “Pagans” but also the peasants who wouldn’t assimilate to the pull of the church.
    • "Witches" being called the wh***s of Satan for almost the exact same reason. Also because of similarities between witches and the Greek/Roman Bacchus worshippers.
    • Fairies are not just silly forrest folk. They are the Irish and Scottish and English equivalent of the Greek and Roman legends with detailed backgrounds and everything. The accounts we do have are basically rewritten by Christian influences so that Noah and everything is brought in. But a lot of the original Celtic mythology has been changed or altered irreversibly. Now we just think of them of cute little wish granters. If we don’t think of Hercules like that, we shouldn’t think of Leprechauns and Pixies like that.
    • Santa Claus was Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Saint in what is now Turkey. He more than likely was not a rosy cheeked American. 
    • And the swastika. That’s kind of bullshit.

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    everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

    • 5 gallons of homework
    • mouthful of lint
    • 20 degrees of facial oil
    • 7 pints of china
    • handful of fergi
    • 60 mph of dad

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    That’ll be 10 groot please. 

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    cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

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